Modernist vase Saint Clément 60S

Modernist vase of Saint Clement's faience factory, cornet shape, spiral decor of black and brown strips on a yellow background. Unsigned but characteristic of the production of Saint Clement in 50s/60s.

Perfect condition
Height 24cm
Diameter 14cm at the neck, 9cm at the base
Weight 880g


75,00 €

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The Saint-Clément ceramics factory was created in 1758 by Mr. Chambrette, then owner of the Lunéville Faience Factory, located 12 km away. This new establishment was then devoted to high-end and prestigious pieces.
The Faience Factory of Saint-Clément, among others, was named official supplier of the Trianon under Marie-Antoinette. If the establishment was created for luxury earthenware, it has nevertheless produced a wide variety of products, from the slip to the more ordinary household pottery, through imitations of multicolored decorations of Strasbourg, and even the Art Deco style. Although the paintings are no longer handmade, the establishment is still in operation.

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